Wednesday, February 10, 2016

FSM Secretary of Education Kalwin Kephas attends the 2016 Peace Corp Swear-in Ceremony

On February 8, 2016, Secretary Kalwin Kephas of the FSM Department of Education represented President Peter M. Christian in a swear-in ceremony of new peace corp volunteers, under its response program. The ceremony was held at the Tuna Commission compound in Kolonia.

At the outset of his remark, Secretary Kephas thanked US Ambassador Doria Rosen and Peace Corp-Micronesia Director Robert Reid for the invitation extended for the FSM to participate in the ceremony. He welcomed the volunteers and congratulated them for their selection to be part of a program that is devised to assist less fortunate peoples and communities around the globe. Secretary Kephas also indicated that the FSM is a small and young country with many challenges and, like any other young and small country, thrives for the betterment of its people. He, therefore, welcomed the assistance and expertise of the volunteers.

Among the group of volunteers, seven volunteers are specifically assigned to assist with the Super Typhoon Maysak reconstruction efforts in the States of Chuuk and Yap. Their assignment is primarily to assist in renovation and refurbishing of private homes and structures. Secretary Kephas thanked them for the assignments they are about to undertake and reminded them that their assistance to these affected communities is more than just personal responsibilities, but equally important is the establishment of people-to-people contact and the development of friendship and bond that their experiences may entail. He assured that the people of these communities would be grateful for the assistance and expertise provided to them especially during these times when many are still recovering from difficulties caused by the typhoon.

Secretary Kephas also complimented those who will be assisting in the education sector for Pohnpei State, a sector that is challenging and one area that is part of the Peace Corp volunteers’ history in Micronesia. He also acknowledged the volunteer who will be assisting Pohnpei State Governor’s Office in the area of audit, an opportunity he hoped could be extended to the other States in the Federation. Lastly, he bid farewell to those who will be providing services in the Republic of Palau and thanked everyone again for their kind service.

Attending the ceremony were US Ambassador Doria Rosen, Lt. Governor of Pohnpei State Reed B. Oliver, Director of Peace Corp – Micronesia Robert Reid and other National and State officials.

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