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November 4, 2015

President Peter M. Christian visited Japan to attend the celebration of the 29th FSM’s Independence Anniversary held on November 4th in Tokyo. During the visit, President held a meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at his official residence. This was his 3rd time to meet with Prime Minister Abe in 6 months period, after taking the Office of the President in May this year. At the meeting, both leaders discussed issues of mutual interest including fisheries, transportation and tourism developments, and reassured continued cooperation in strengthening the bilateral partnership. Accompanying the President to this meeting were Secretary of Foreign Affairs Lorin S. Robert, Senator David W. Panuelo, Chairman of Resources and Development Committee, and John Fritz FSM Ambassador to Japan. 

President also took part, as keynote speaker, in two seminars organized and sponsored by the Micronesia Registrar Advisory Inc, (MRA). He also held meetings with members of the Japan-FSM Parliamentary Friendship League who attended the  celebration event. 

The President’s delegation comprised of Senator David W. Panuelo, Chairman of R&D Committee; Senator Victor Gouland, Chairman of TC&I Committee; Senator Robson U. Romolou, Vice Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee; Lorin S. Robert, Secretary of Foreign Affairs; Marion Henry, Secretary of R&D; Joses Gallen, Secretary of Justice; Johnson Elimo, Governor of Chuuk State; Leo A. Falcam Jr., Chief of Staff; Alik Jackson, Congress Staff Attorney; Samari W. Suta, FSM Register of Corporation; Alexander Naruuhn, Chairman of Insurance Board; Jesse Giltamag, Commissioner of Insurance Board; Reed Oliver Insurance Board Member: Chris Christian and Myron Hashiguchi representing the private sector entities.

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