Wednesday, November 18, 2015

FSM Independence Day celebration in Pohnpei

On the 3rd of November 2015, the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) celebrated its 29th Independence anniversary at the Spanish Wall field.  On behalf of President Peter Christian, Vice President Yosiwo George delivered the keynote speech followed by the opening remark of First Lady Maurina Christian.

Marking this historic occasion of the Nation’s Independence, the event was celebrated with parade, local performers and festive events.  Students from different schools in Pohnpei gave speeches on the subject of FSM Independence and explained what Independence Day means to them.

Vice President George emphasized on concrete assurances on the pillars that built the Nation and noted the vision and ideals of the founding fathers that led to the formation of the federation. It was reiterated that strong commitment is central and the shared values and aspirations that carry out Nation building efforts deems to protect its citizens and their cultural heritage.  To echo the preamble, Vice President George said the following, “to make one nation of many islands, we respect the diversity of our cultures.  Our differences enrich us.  The seas bring us together, they do not separate us.  Our islands sustain us, our island nation enlarges us and makes us stronger.” In this context, unity within diversity deems to be self-evident as FSM continues to prove the concept of a multi-cultural nation.

Commemorating the founding of the democratic government on the FSM,  “It is the 29th anniversary of our federation,” George said, “the federation for which our founding fathers were determined to exercise, inherent sovereignty of our country; the federation that had united our four island states.”  Under the trusteeship of the United Nations for many years, FSM emerged and transitioned into a self-governing nation and declared independence in 1986. Since then, FSM have gained diplomatic recognition in the regional and international arena, which allows the FSM to exercise all the rights of a sovereign nation. 

In honor of the 29th Independence anniversary, a parade was led by the National Police, kicking off the event with the raising of the FSM flags.

First Lady Maurina Weilbacher and Vice President George led the 29th Independence Day event and were accompanied by Executive Director of FSM National Fisheries Corporation, Peter Sitan; Post-Master General, Ginger P. Mida; Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Samson Pretrick and Pohnpei State Senator, Magdalena Walter.

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