Friday, May 15, 2015

FSM President Christian and Congress set the stage for collaboration

FSMIS (May 15, 2015) : Setting the stage for collaboration with Congress as he advances through his first week at the administrative helm, Federated States of Micronesia President Peter M. Christian held a consultation meeting through a modest luncheon with Congress at the President's Conference Room today. 

Eleven Members, along with Sp eaker Wesley W. Simina, accorded the P resident the courtesy of their time at the meeting. Senator Tiwiter Aritos had other prior commitments that prevented his attendance. 

In a congenial atmosphere, the Leaders underscored their commitment to working harmoniously to improve lives and progress the Nation forward together. 

President Christian invited discussion on some urgent matters relating to the situations of illegal immigrants and confiscated fishing crew from certain countries; the impacts of the recent storm that made its way through Pohnpei State; initial views on reorganizing the Executive Branch; and the need to progress more urgent nominations during this session. 

President Christian invited Congress view on the sensibility in submitting nomination this session, granted that there are only twelve Members, knowing full well the "risks" that may prevent making the minimum threshold of ten affirmative votes. 

Congress urged the President to proceed with the urgent nominations and underscored their interest that mitigations in the issues surrounding stranded illegal fishermen from other countries be addressed very prudently. 

Looking ahead to the medium term, President Christian spoke of his intention to consult with Congress on nomination matters prior to transmittal of requests for affirmative action. He also revealed that current Cabinet and key Officials have been informed that there will be rotations within the system in setting up a new organizational landscape. Others may be rotated out for good. 
Senator Isaac V. Figir, far left, providing inputs 

The Leaders agreed to stage such consultative get-together often enough to jointly improve working success on critical agenda. 

The Senators were accompanied by Mr. Lam Dang, their legal counsel, and Mr. Alik Jackson, legal staff. 

With the President were Vice President Yosiwo P. George, Mr. Lorin Robert, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Andrew Yatilman, Director of the Office of Environment and Emergency Management, Chief of Staff Leo Falcam Jr., and Mr. Pelsasar Petrus, Special Assistant to the President on Legislative Affairs. 

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