Friday, May 1, 2015

Close Up Program coincides visit to FSM Capitol with start of new administration

FSMIS (May 01, 2015): Based on provided information, Federated States of Micronesia President Manny Mori advanced notices to Speaker Dohsis Halbert and Active Chief Justice Ready E. Johnny regarding the scheduled visits for the National Close Up Program during the latter part of this month of May. 

The program undertakes annual student trip to the FSM National Capitol to provide selected secondary school students throughout the Nation the opportunity to interact with highest Leaders at the Branches and offices in order to facilitate an undiluted experience of their government system and functions. 

This year's group will comprise of forty-nine students and six teacher chaperons whose theme for their week-long journey is, "Are You College Ready?". 

The students will pay a visit with the new President at his office. They are also scheduled to witness the session of new Congress the morning of May 19th and later visit the Supreme Court in the afternoon. Other working tours and meetings for the group will require the coordination between right destination personnel and the trip organizers. 

The visit timeframe is from May 18th to 22nd. 

The Close Up Program is another priority activity under the auspices of the FSM National Department of Education. 

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  1. PIO, could you pls confirm the word that you're referring to the FSM.., I've also seen it at the main entrance to the place.. Is it 'Capital' or 'Capitol'? Pls, advise... Thanks so much,

  2. You are correct, Vincent. It should be "Capitol". Thanks for pointing out the mistake for proper action.