Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The People’s Republic of China donates $500,000 to FSM Maysak response efforts

FSMIS (April 22, 2015): In the presence of the Federated States of Micronesia President Manny Mori, FSM Secretary of Foreign Affairs Lorin Robert and the People's Republic of China Ambassador to the FSM, H.E. Li Jie, undertook a signing ceremony in Palikir on April 21st.

The PRC Government is providing $500,000 US dollar to the FSM to assist recovery measures for the people of Chuuk and Yap who have been mercilessly affected by Super Typhoon Maysak.

In an ad-lib statement made during the ceremony, the Ambassador mentioned that China gives "eyes and ears" to the disaster development and has decided to remit the amount as a kind gesture of support. He also stated his belief that recovery for Chuuk and Yap will take some time. 

Ambassador Jie visited Chuuk when flights resumed after the storm.

In responding, Secretary Robert expressed the gratitude of the FSM people and Government to the People and Government of the People's Republic of China for their "critical and important" assistance, which he feels will not only be useful for recovery efforts but will "strengthen bilateral relations that the two governments and peoples have come to enjoy".

The relief assistance will be deposited into the Disaster Relief Fund, which got established after President Mori declared a state of emergency for both States.

The disaster response operation is being coordinated by the FSM Office of Environment and Emergency Management (OEEM).

For further information email  or call the OEEM at 320-8815/8814.

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