Friday, April 10, 2015

President Mori asks for $4.8 million in immediate relief for Chuuk and Yap

R-L: Senator Panuelo, Senator Urusemal, Senator Simina and their legal counsel during meeting with VP Alik
FSMIS (April 10, 2015): On April 9, 2015, FSM President Manny Mori transmitted to Congress a request of $4,817,563 to be used as immediate relief assistance for the people of Chuuk and Yap who were affected by Typhoon Maysak a little over a week ago.
"In light of the ongoing emergency caused by Super Typhoon Maysak, I am requesting Congress to take action on a number of extremely urgent items that are needed to provide effective and immediate alleviation and mitigation measures for those affected by the super typhoon", the President wrote in his April 9th communication to Congress.
A breakdown of the requested amount indicates $4,602,705 for Chuuk; $114,858 for Yap; and $100,000 as replenishment of funds that the President decreed for Emergency Disaster Relief.
Other supportive documents show that the amount is meant for a thirty-day feeding program for the islands in Chuuk, except islands in the Mid and Lower Mortlocks regions, and for the Yap outer islands of Ulithi, Fais and Faraulap.
Congress started their sixth special session this morning and held a sit down with the Executive Branch at around 11:00 a.m. to jointly review the main agenda for the special session.
The Congressional Special Committee included Senator Wesley W. Simina, Chairman, Senator Joseph J. Urusemal, and Senator David W. Panuelo.
According to the request document, as of date, a total of $6.2 million is available for appropriation by Congress.
Apart from the current request, the FSM National Government has been utilizing a total amount of $200,000 from decreed funds and funds made available under the Disaster Assistance Emergency Fund (DAEF) pertinent to the Amended Compact between the FSM and the United States. This amount is tapped  for both Chuuk and Yap, enabling the procurement  of water, food and medical supplies as well as other support materials for hygiene and clearing of large debris. In addition, two surveillance boats have been deployed to the affected remote parts, taking materials, damage assessors and support personnel to the scenes. 
The FSM Office of Environment and Emergency Management (OEEM) is the focal office in the recovery operation from the FSM National Government side.

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