Friday, November 14, 2014


President Emanuel Mori visited Japan on November 3rd to 9th 2014 to attend the 28th Anniversary of the FSM Independence Celebration and to receive a Honorary Doctorate Degree from Sophia University, a catholic university in Tokyo run by the Jesuits.  The President’s schedule in Tokyo also included an audience with His Majesty, the Emperor, and a working dinner with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The President also had lunch with the Chairman of Soft Bank, a company currently have investments in the FSM. Chairman Pete Christian of the FSM Congress ad some of President’s staff joined the President during his working dinner with Prime Minister Abe. The President also visited Nagoya, Kochi and Fukuoka to meet with the local government leaders, business community and members of their respective chambers of commerce, as well as welcoming the new FSM honorary consul general in Fukuoka, Mr. Wataru Aso.

Also in Tokyo, the first segment of the tour, President Mori participated in various events and meetings such as the FSM Captive Insurances Council and Micronesia Registrar Advisory (MRA) seminars. He also had the opportunity to meet with FSM long-time friends and traditional supporters who have contributed to FSM’s nation-building as well as the strengthening of the KIZUNA between the peoples of both countries.  

President`s visit to Nagoya, the 2nd segment of the tour, was to take part in the launching of a new economic and business interactions with the Chubu region, through a seminar co-organized by the Department of Resources and Development of the FSM National Government and Nagoya Chamber of Commerce. The seminar objective was to promote and attract possible business investments as part of the Administration`s objectives to promote and strengthen the economic cooperation and business opportunities with this region.

The Kochi visit, the 3rd segment of the tour, was primarily for the President to reciprocate last year’s visit by Kochi prefecture leadership to the FSM, to renew and strengthen the KIZUNA between FSM and Kochi developed through historic links. The relationship with Kochi is through the Mori families both in Kochi and Chuuk. In Kochi, a planting ceremony of a friendship tree (breadfruit tree) donated to Kochi Prefecture from FSM was held with the presence of Kochi Prefecture Governor and the President, highlighting relationship that FSM has with the prefecture.
Given his personal attachment to Kochi, the President took the opportunity to interact with the people of Kochi including representatives of the prefecture and city governments, business individuals, and family members through a reception co-hosted by Kochi Micronesia Friendship Exchange Association and the FSM Embassy in commemoration of the 28th FSM Independence Anniversary.

The visit to Fukuoka, the last segment of the tour, was for the President to officially welcome the new FSM Honorary Consul General in Kyushu-Okinawa region with resident in Fukuoka. During an evening reception for the occasion attended by many prominent members of the Fukuoka business community, the President thanked the leadership and the business community of Fukuoka for their support and invited them to visit the FSM to explore private sector development opportunities.

President was accompanied by the Secretaries of Foreign Affairs; Justice; Education; The Chief of Staff; and support staff from Resources and Development, FSM Insurance Council, FSM Registrar Office, PIO, and some family members. FSM Congress was represented by Senator Peter Christian, Chairman of the Committee on TC&I.  

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