Wednesday, November 12, 2014

President Mori's last, with His Majesty and at the Seminars

President Mori on his way to the Imperial Palace. He was chaufered to the place in His Majesty's limo from The New Ohtani Hotel.
After holding meetings in Guam from October 31st to November 2nd, Federated States of Micronesia President Manny Mori embarked to Tokyo, Japan on November 3rd.
President Mori's first activity in Tokyo was having an audience with His Majesty, The Emperor of Japan, on November 4th. The President had the honor of making a courtesy visit with His Majesty as he commenced the last six months of his administration. According to President Mori, the Emperor shared interest and concerns on issues of importance to the FSM, including the environment and climate change challenges. His Majesty also recalled meeting former President Tosiwo Nakayama in the 80's before he became the Emperor.  President Mori and the Emperor affirmed their mutual desire to strengthen the "kizuna" (strong bond) that exists between the FSM and Japan. 

President Mori opening the FSM Captive Insurance Seminar in Tokyo, organized by MRA

After his visit at the Imperial Palace, President Mori attended the opening of a seminar dealing with captive insurance at the Aoyama Diamond Hall in Tokyo, sponsored by the FSM Captive Insurance Council. Also attending the seminar were Senator Peter Christian, representing the FSM Congress; Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Lorin Robert; Secretary of Justice, Madame April Dawn Skilling; Secretary of Education, Dr. Rufino Mauricio; Chief of Staff, Mr. Leo Falcam Jr.; and FSM Ambassador to Japan, Mr. John Fritz. 
President Mori expressed appreciation to the Japanese entrepreneurs who attended the seminar and invited them to consider investing and establishing business relations in the FSM.
The President said although this would be his last participation at these seminar, he believed the FSM will remain committed to safeguarding stability and growth to become a leading investment domicile in the region. As the President, he has prioritized attending these seminars the past years to further strengthen FSM-Japanese relations and raise business investment confidence in the FSM. 

MRA staff at entrance of seminar hall taking care of logistics  and providing support.
A combined number of over one hundred-twenty business folks took the time to take advantage of the event.
President Mori had a loaded evening schedule on this day with the FSM Independence Anniversary reception and his visit to the Japanese Prime Minister taking place back to back. 

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