Friday, June 27, 2014

Snap-and-send selflie campaign in the name of youth all over the world

The United Nations Population Fund is proposing that a goal specific to youth be included in the global development that is to be embarked on after 2015. The way to do this is through the modern influence of hand-held media devices --- a campaign under the slogan, "make your selfies count".
A UNFPA Pacific region release today says, "From German chancellor Angela Merkel to Pope Francis, people of all walks of life who have access to smart phones are doing it: taking a selfies, one can perhaps safely say, is a given in this day and age with the increased accessibility to the virtual world enabled by hand-held devises".
The UNFPA Pacific office is encouraging "everyone" to take part in the campaign by taking a selfie and send it to if you support the proposal by UNFPA based on the conviction that "a goal specific to youth is a critical component of the post-2015 global development agenda".
"Selfies collected globally will then be used to communicate to decision-makers and world leaders that young people all over the world want to make sure that they are "put in the picture" of future development plans."

Updates on the campaign are posted on

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