Wednesday, June 18, 2014

FSM Telecom upgrades cellphone service; O3B interneting soon in Yap and Chuuk

FSMIS (June 18, 2014): The Telecom Corporation in the FSM has released information on its on-going cellphone service upgrade project.
According to FSMTC, engineers from ZTE and Acclinks are in Pohnpei since mid-May to help install FSMTC's 3G mobile data system network.
FSMTC's website reflects, "The 3G service will deliver broadband Internet speeds directly to customers 3G capable mobile devices. The service is currently scheduled for launch in Pohnpei in early July, just ahead of the 8th Micronesian Games. The Games will provide a unique opportunity for FSMTC to stress test the system and resolve any issues prior to deployment across the Federation. Service will be rolled out in Yap, Chuuk and Kosrae in the months following the games".
FSMTC is in the process of packaging competitive price plans to provide varying options for users to select suitable need-based packages.
The FSMTC has entered into five year agreements with the O3B to provide internet service for Yap and Chuuk using the company's satellite technology.
Various internet searches reveal that O3B stands for (The) "other 3 billion" people for whom internet connectivity for communications is essentially non-existent.
FSMTC believes that this agreement will allow for significant improvement for internet communications in Chuuk and Yap.
The FSM Government sees the O3B internet service as a short term solutions to outstanding internet problems in the states other than Pohnpei. The long-term objective for is to procure submarine fiber optic connectivity with O3B technology as a possible gap-filler in broadening services to hard-to-reach areas.  
"Pending the successful launch of the next four satellites on July 10, FSMTC aims to begin testing the new service in Yap by early August. Deployment of O3b service in Chuuk is currently scheduled for September. Customers in those states will be transparently migrated to the new service once testing is complete", FSMTC's website indicates.

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