Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ping Da 7: Oil pumping and storage on February 13, 2014

On February 13, through transportation assistance from the FSM Maritime Police, the FSM Information Office was able to get out to the reef where the stranded Chinese fishing-related vessel sits for over two months. The video clip shows workers with the Adams Brothers Company pumping and transferring oil from the ship to a barge. This is part of addressing the problem of oil leak from the ship reported a few weeks past. According to recent reports from Pohnpei State, the leak has stopped after the company emptied one of the tanks on the ship believed to have been the leaking source. The pumping activity has gone on for about 5 days. According to one of the operators on the barge, around 19 thousand gallons of IFO oil have been put in drums and stored on the barge, about half a mile away from the ship. Meanwhile, the Taskforce for the Ping Da 7 ordeal met yesterday and will meet again tomorrow to continue considerations on the salvaging part of the operation. It has been ascertained that no local company has the capacity to get the massive structure off the reef. And, it has also been reported that officials of the Titan Salvage Company, a marine salvage wreck removal company with offices in the US, Unted Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore, has taken a look at the ship... More report soon on other aspects of the situation.

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