Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Diverse investment potential in the FSM: A mixed Japanese contingent makes courtesy call on President Mori

FSMIS (February 11, 2014): Visiting the Federated States of Micronesia President Manny Mori on February 3 was a group from Japan escorted by Ambassador Eiichi Suzuki, former FSM Ambassador to Japan Kasio Mida, along with the former Ambassador of Japan to the FSM, Shoji Sato.
President Mori welcomed his high-powered visitors to the FSM and expressed his gratitude to them for making the long trip, and in particular for calling on him at his office.

This group of mixed constituents arrived at the FSM Capitol to greet the President and apprise him of their various investment interests in the  FSM, which include areas in business, education and entertainment.

In terms of education, there was a demonstration of interest in providing opportunities for College of Micronesia-FSM students to be able to expand their academic horizon in Japan.

One member of the group, who is the President of the Association for the Promotion of International Cooperation(APIC), added a business perspective to the discussions, highlighting the potentials for business investments in the FSM States.

A graphic artist from the Japan entertainment industry expressed interest in producing a documentary film to be based on the life of the copra trader Mori Koben who settled in Chuuk in the early 1900s. Mori Koben's decendants mostly live in Chuuk but have spread throughout the FSM and abroad. FSM President Mori is one of Koben’s great grandchildren.

Given his tenure in the FSM, Ambassador Shoji Sato, who is Ambassador Eiichi's immediate predecessor in the FSM, spoke of his awareness of certain difficult challenges in the State of Chuuk and discussed potential investment opportunities for Chuuk State.

President Mori noted with pleasure the various interests as expressed by the group and welcomed their desire to invest in the FSM in various areas, including education.

Through coordination from the Micronesia Registration Advisors, Inc., President Mori joined the visitors the next day on a boat tour to provide time for friendly discussions in exploring areas of mutual interests between the groups and the FSM.  

For further information, contact the FSM Public Information Office at 320-2548 or email fsmpio@mail.fm.

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