Tuesday, September 25, 2012

President Mori signs FSM Regulations for implementing the Montreal Protocol

 FSM Information Services (September 25, 2012): On the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Montreal Protocol, President Manny Mori, on September 19, signed the FSM Regulations that define ways for FSM to implement the purpose of the protocol.
As one of the Parties to finally put the international initiative to work at home, the FSM, through the Office of Emergency and Environmental Management (OEEM), routed the regulations for public input and comment through various public media and places the past several weeks before calling on the President for final adoption.

Although it has taken the FSM 25 years before implementing the protocol, Ms. Artie Aubrie, representative of the United Nation Environment Program (UNEP) witnessing the signing, said that the FSM has been playing a leading role in advancing environmental issues on the global scene with regards climate change and other environmental degradations.
In a brief statement, President Mori highlighted FSM’s role in the global efforts in phasing out ozone depleting chemicals in a larger effort of restoring the unseen ozone layer to ensure a habitable planet for future Micronesians.

The FSM Regulations, entitled “To protect the ozone layer in compliance with the Montreal Protocol on Substances that deplete the Ozone Layer” is accessible on www.fsmpio.fm.

For more information, please contact OEEM at 320-8814 or write fsmpio@mail.fm.

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