Thursday, September 20, 2012

Finger Print Laboratory opens at FSM National Police

FSM Chief of Police Mr. Takasy Reim making a remarks at the
Finger Print Laboratory opening

FSM Information Services (September 17, 2012): The FSM National Police opened a finger print laboratory on September 11 at the National Police Office in Palikir.
According to Mr. Takasy Reim, Chief of Police, the laboratory is worth approximately $238,000 dollars, consisting of modern finger print identifying and storage technologies that will allow collaborations among law enforcement operations with enhanced capabilities.
Chief Reim thanked the Australian Federal Police (AFP), the Pacific Police Development Program (PPDP) and AusAid whose contributions have enable FSM police forces to be the first among the three Micronesian nations to engage in such forensic capacity.
Mr. Frank Clair, PPDP Project Coordinator, represented the AFP at the lab opening. He said that the decision to house the lab at the FSM National Police building was made to make the service a “truly national asset” with the understanding that officers from the States will work and train at the lab on a rotational basis to gain experience that will be vital at their own stations and to overall law enforcement practice throughout the FSM.
Training at the lab will allow for sharing of finger print information and transfer of data both ways in timely manner.
“There was an acknowledgement that crime has changed, and to be effective law enforcement, we have to keep up pace with the advancement that we see in crime. This forensic laboratory is also aimed at that”, Mr. Clair said.
Mr. Clair also indicated that AFP crime labs use the same kind of tools as those installed at the lab. This will allow AFP to assist FSM Police on finger print matters should the need arise.  
Chief Reim looked to having more officers certified and become experts in finger print operations as a result of the lab in addition to the two Pohnpei State Police officers who have been previously certified.

For more information, please contact the FSM National Police at 320-2628


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