Thursday, May 19, 2016

FSM Close-up Students Visits the Nation's Capitol

18 May 2016 – This week, a select group of fifty-one Close-up students from across all four States, made a visit to the Office of the President meeting with FSM Vice President Yosiwo P. George at the President’s Conference Room.

Vice President George welcomed the students to the Capitol and spoke to them about the tasks, responsibilities and distinctive roles of the separated branches of the Nation’s system of governance and how they intricately interact. Through engaging discussions, the students were able to explore and pose concerns regarding the Compact post 2023, securing economic development and other interests concerning the government.

Designed to give the students an opportunity to interact with Leaders, the interactive experience with the National Government allowed the students to experience a “Close-up” view and real world insight of the Nation’s capital.  The remarks made by Vice President George to the crowd of students emphasized on the importance of pursuing a higher education and using knowledge for affecting positive change in society. The visit ended with a question and answer period.

Under the direction of Secretary of Education, Kalwin Kephas, chaperons accompanied the students from each respective states. While at Capitol, the students received a tour throughout the 3 branches of the National Government.

The visiting group included eighteen students from Chuuk, eighteen from Pohnpei, eight from Kosrae and seven from Yap.  Vice President was accompanied by special assistant, Mr. Herman Semes Jr.

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