Thursday, October 22, 2015

FSM Infrastructure Development Plan, FY2016 – FY2025

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSMOffice of the President, October 20, 2015) - President Christian today publically released the FSM’s updated Infrastructure Development Plan (IDP) for the period FY2016 – FY2025.
The Plan was updated in response to the need to provide overseas development partners with an update of the State and National governments infrastructure priorities.  The Plan includes a realistic level of funding, representing 70% of FSM’s infrastructure needs over 10 years. This sets the challenge for the FSM governments and our development partners to work together, beginning with the Development Partners Forum that is to be convened in February 2016.

The President noted the Plan ranks with the most important and significant plans for FSM as a nation in the last 10 years.The key,he stated, is that this Plan is a truly collaborative approach to infrastructure development for our country. It clearly sets out the case for developing infrastructure across the FSM and documents the priority needs for the first time in stand-alone State Plans. He was also pleased to welcome the inclusion for the first time of projects directly linked to climate change adaptation – these being important first steps to mainstream infrastructure adaptation programs in future Plans.

The Plan was transmitted to the Joint Economic Management Committee to unlock the $66.5 million requested from the Amended Compact infrastructure grant to fund the FSM priority projects as outlined in the Annual Infrastructure Implementation Plan FY2016.

The President also recognizes the State leadership and State Infrastructure Planning and Implementation Committees (IPICs) of the four States for their support and active participation in the development and finalization of this Plan. The assistance of the Asian Development Bank is also acknowledged in providing the technical assistance team that supported the Plan development.

For more detailed information about the Infrastructure Development Plan FY2016 – FY2025, please contact the FSM Department Transport, Communications & Infrastructure at (691) 320-2865. 

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  1. Karnim, do you have the updated IDP document available online?