Friday, July 17, 2015

United Flight Attendants take action in Guam

July 17, 2015,  – It was announced that about 300 flight attendants for United Airlines rallied up in a common fight for contract fairness. The flight attendants and fellow supporting employees launched an informational demonstration in front of the AB Won Pat International Airport in Guam yesterday at 5pm, to protest the terms of their contracts.

This course of action demonstrated that United Airlines, a leader in the airline industry, has consistently delayed negotiations of a fair contract with its flight attendants.  Reportedly, the Spokesperson for CNMI Association of Flight Attendants, Cynthia Iverson announced that there is still room for progress and agreement terms for wages, working conditions and benefits.  Flight Attendants represent the front line first responders to a wide range of in-flight incidences, ranging from infant deliveries, to life threatening emergencies, and everything in between.  They are a professionally trained workforce seeking contract terms and benefits equal to their expected levels of performance.  Since the merging of United Airlines and Continental Airlines five years ago, the Airlines and the Association of Flight Attendants has yet to come to a contract agreement.  

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