Monday, March 30, 2015

Typhoon Maysak tears up Chuuk then moves to Yap

A tree downing a road-side market shack and power lines in Mwan Village, Weno Island, Chuuk (photo by Joey Iwo on FB)
FSMIS (March 30, 2015): Federated States of Micronesia President Manny Mori has held more than one meeting today primarily to look through reports of damages unleashed in Chuuk State by Typhoon Maysak and, at the same time, follow the storm chart as Yap State is also in direct hit by the still-intensifying Maysak.

According to a series of weather advisories provided by the United States National Weather Services in Guam, Typhoon Maysak hit Chuuk on March 29th, with closest point at 5 nautical miles north of Chuuk Lagoon, with winds of 80 miles per hour(mph) gusting to 100mph. 

The outer islands of Yap, including Satawal, Faraulap, Fais and Ulithi as well as the Yap main island are expected to face the ravages of this storm beginning the morning of March 30th until late evening of the next day as it passes through the streaks of islands in that area.  

President Mori organized relevant National Government agencies, namely the Office of Environment and Emergency Management (OEEM), the Department of Health and Social Affairs, the Department of Resources and Development and the Department of Justice to consider and mobilize preliminary response to affected areas in Chuuk and look ahead to possible circumstances in Yap. 
President Mori on cellphone with Governor Elimo of Chuuk

The National Government is provisioning the patrol boat  FSS Independence with bottled water and medical supplies to be deployed to Chuuk early morning of March 31st as preliminary relief and transport a team of assessors and medical personnel through the Lukeisel  region and onward to the Northwest islands via Weno Island. 
According to FSM Secretary of Justice April Skilling, the Department in charge of the patrol boats, another boat will be deployed to Yap the next day.

As of this afternoon, President Mori is prepared to issue an FSM Disaster Emergency Declaration with regards the devastation already seen in the wake of Typhoon Maysak in Chuuk. He has been on the phone with Chuuk State Governor Johnson Elimo more than once today to expedite that process. 

By procedure, the State declaration has to be in place first before the President can issue a National version. 

Initial casualty report indicates five deaths in Chuuk from the storm, but there is still a lot of "unknown"  and unclear situations. 

(photo by Hiroyuki Mori on Facebook)

There is also report that island power on the Island of Weno has been restored as of today, although the power system faced some scattered damages and challenges. 

A link to Governor Elimo's letter of request to President Mori is proved hereunder.


  1. is there a way to find out if someone is ok my nephew is a teacher there and we are all worried about him back in the states

  2. Teresa Cridelich, you can email details to Marz Akapito ( if you have not heard from anyone regarding your nephew in Chuuk. Marz is the FSMPIO officer in Chuuk. He will get back to you.