Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Ground-Breaking Ceremony of the Okat Bridge in Kosrae

On October 7, 2014, Kosrae State: The Honorable Alik L. Alik, Vice-President of the Federated States of Micronesia, represented the FSM National Government to the Ground-Breaking Ceremony of the Okat Bridge Project in Kosrae.

In his remark, Vice-President Alik was first conveyed the FSM’s heartfelt congratulations on the 65th Anniversary of the founding in 1949 of the People’s Republic of China.  He states that as 65th years of age, China of today is a vibrant nation that reflects its early promises with many achievements that contributed to significant strides in the economic and social well-being of its people.

He stated that the joint observance of this anniversary is an indicative of the importance our two countries attach to the special event and the strong friendship existing between the FSM and China. The Vice-President also highlighted in his remark, the genesis of the establishment of diplomatic relations through a signing of the joint communiqué between the FSM and China twenty-five years ago and which it remains strong and cooperative.  The Vice-President also generally shared a gamut of project assistance in the areas of human resource development, infrastructure facilities, transportation, agriculture and etc that has been provided to the FSM by the Chinese Government.  He indicated that the gathering was not only to officially open the construction of the Okat Bridge, but to also witness another project being funded by the government of the People’s Republic of China, which he believed that the Okat Bridge is extremely critical to the development, prosperity and sustained well-being of the people of Kosrae.

He also congratulated the contractor, Sichuan Road and Bridge Group Cooperation Company and commends that he looks forward to see the completion of the Okat Project, which he attested the contractor that the project is highly anticipated by the people of Kosrae.  Vice-President Alik concluded his remark by thanking Governor Jackson and Ambassador Zhang for their respective efforts in making sure that the project is materialized.

Ambassador Zhang, in his remark, stated that the Okat Bridge Project is by far the biggest single Chinese aid project in the FSM.  He indicated that it is a bridge of happiness, as it’s the only bridge that connects the airport, dock area and Kosrae main islands.  Ambassador Zhang stated that the Okat Bridge plays an important role in Kosrean’s people daily life and its economic development.

The Ceremony was attended by various representatives from the national, state, municipal governments, church and local community. 

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