Saturday, September 27, 2014

FSM Government honored in New York by the State of Israel, American Jewish Committee, and World Jewish Congress

New York, 21 Sept 2014  -- While in New York for the 69th session of the UN General Assembly, President Emanuel Mori took the time to join hiscolleague Presidents, Thomas Remengesau Jr of Palau and President Christopher Loeak of the Marshall Islands, in a ceremony jointly hosted by the Israeli government and the American Jewish Committee (AJC) honoring the three Presidents.  The hosts of the event, held at the impressive DonaldTrump Building overlooking the UN Headquarters, also took the opportunity to express appreciation to the three Micronesian nations for their staunch support of Israel at the UN and other international fora. 

The Israeli government was represented by its Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Ron Prosor, and the AJC by its US National Chapter President Stanley Bergman.  Also present was Ambassador Peter Rosenblatt, who was President Carter’s top negotiator during the negotiations for the future political status of the former Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands that culminated in the Compact of Free Association.  It has become a tradition for the officers of the AJC, which has had dispatched humanitarian assistance to the FSM, to meet with the FSM head of delegation at the margins of the annual UNGA.

In their appreciation remarks, Prosor and Bergman highlighted both the “courage and conviction” by which the three Micronesian nations deployed their respective votes at the UN in support of Israel.   AJC Executive Director David Harris also expressed appreciation to the Micronesian leaders for following their “conscience” and “moral compass” in supporting Israel. 

In his remarks, President Mori referred to the “special affinities” between the Micronesian and Israeli peoples, derived in large measure by their shared Judeo-Christian values and traditions, reminding that the Micronesians had come to know Israel as the Holy Land long before the consummation of formal relations between the two countries on 23 November 1988.  The President also noted with appreciation that Israel was the very first country in the large region of the Middle East, Africa, and Europe that extended diplomatic recognition to the FSM at uncertain time when the FSM first step unto the world stage as an independent state seeking expanded diplomatic recognition.

Another common denominator between the FSM and Israel that President Mori noted in his statement is the special relationship that both countries, each in its own way, have with the United States. This common denominator also offers an area of common cooperation between the three countries in what has been referred to as Triangular Partnership.

President Mori was joined at the commendation ceremony by First Lady Emma Nelson-Mori, Secretary of Foreign Affairs Lorin S Robert, FSM Permanent Representative to the UN Jane J Chigiyal, FSM Ambassador to the US Asterio R Takesy, OEEM Director Andrew R Yatilman, Deputy Permanent Representative  Jeem S Lippwe, and Deputy Chief of Mission James A Naich.

The next day, a delegation from the World Jewish Congress led by Secretary-General Emeritus Michael Snyder and Rabbi Joel Meyers, paid call on President Mori to also convey appreciation for the support that the FSM has consistently and unhesitatingly given to the State of Israel and the Jewish people around the globe.  The WJC is an umbrella organization of approximately 1000 Jewish groups in about 100 countries.  While this was the first interface with WJC representatives, Rabbi Meyers said “we have gotten to know your country for its courageous support for Israel, which we appreciate deeply.

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