Friday, August 1, 2014

8th Microgames Closing Ceremony

Held once every four years, the 8th Micro Games came to an end on Wednesday July 30, 2014 at the Pohnpei Island Central School (PICS) track & field, as it closed off with good cheer and spirits among athletes and a crowd of sporting fans as they gathered to witness the closing of the multi-sports games.

Coming in at 1st place is Guam, raking in a total of forty-two gold medals, Pohnpei thirty-six gold medals following Palau with thirty-six gold medals. Pohnpei State Governor Ehsa shared a few remarks, congratulating all participating athletes for competing on a regional stage and for their great sportsmanship.

With Pohnpei having the honor of hosting yet another remarkable event, the host nation is in the midst of seeing most of its athletes return to their respective nations. In the meantime, Yap prepares for a crowd of sporting fans that will flock to the state for the upcoming 9th Micro Games in 2018.

For Medal Tally, click on the following link:

      (Closing ceremony: Ending off with good spirits)

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