Friday, April 4, 2014

Kosrae celebrates heritage and rallies in support of local talents and productivity

FSMIS (April 4, 201): The Kosrae State Fair kicked off its annual event on the 27th and 28th of March 2014 at Kosrae High School and the Kosrae Gymnasium with the purpose of advancing the role of trade and investment and cultural awareness. The theme of the fair entitled, “Tuhkeni Pahtok Kasrpacn Acn Sesr Ac Oiyac Mahtuh” roughly translates as, “Help sustain the resources and good tradition of our island”, which exemplifies important components of development, preservation and sustainability. According to State officials, the state fair has been held annually for more than a decade.

The two-­day fair that aimed to promote productivity, food security and cultural vibrancy has turned into an iconic event. With their government officials, traditional chiefs and distinguished guests, communities gathered to celebrate their highly regarded event. In opening the celebration, Lieutenant Governor Carson Sigrah conveyed his gratitude to all and highlighted his and the Government of Kosrae's appreciation to the President of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) for the FSM's support of the annual event. In addition to taking innovative steps, Lt. Governor Sigrah joined others in recognizing that long­-term effects is crucial to strengthening the state’s economic development.

“We need to know what resources we have available, what we can export or sell here to sustain our resources both naturally and financially.”

Director Steven George of the Department of Resources and Economic Affair (DREA) gave a few talking points that highlighted the core purpose of the event. Based on the productivity level, Mr. George congratulated participants and the community for successfully carrying out the Strategic Development Plan (SDP) done by state leaders. In such decisions, open collaboration is encouraged in areas critical to sustainability and resource development.

Representing the FSM Department of Resources and Development (R&D), Mr. Roger Mori, investment Advisor for the Department, congratulated the Leaders and people of Kosrae for their success in keeping this annual event. He went on to speak on the FSM National Trade Policy, stressing attention to the policy's vision as adopted by the FSM Congress in 2011.

“That vision is to encourage and facilitate local and foreign direct investment in agriculture, fisheries, tourism, human resources development and other supporting services to enable the private sector to produce value added, quality and competitive goods and services, both for local and the export markets, in order to promote export­led economic growth, self­-reliance and sustainable development, with the ultimate objective of creating employment, alleviating hardship and raising the living standards of FSM citizens.”

Mr. Mori said the National Government has been working with partner departments and agencies, such as the Department of Resource and Economic Affair (DREA) and the Chamber of Commerce in the State of Kosrae.

Among other activities with the exhibition of handicrafts and local dishes, a fishing tournament took place for two consecutive days prior to the state fair involving three categories: trolling,
vertical ­long-line and bottom fishing. Presentation of awards was announced at the end of the ceremony.

The traditional leader of Nett in Pohnpei, Isonahnken Salvador Iriarte, made a special appearance on the Cultural Day and delivered a speech to a gathering crowd of fairgoers. The Isonahnken, who spoke in his indigenous tongue at the start of his remarks, spoke on the importance and wisdom of culture and heritage.

“We must uphold and protect our customs and practices”, the high ranking Chief emphasized.

Commenting on how culture and heritage bridge the past and the future, the Isonahnken acknowledged three significant principles in the Pohnpeian tradition: the virtue of respect, responsibility and honesty, and pointed out that culture and heritage give full meaning to one's life.

Although Kosrae has experienced life-­cycle transitions from living under colonial powers and missionary influence, the Kosraean way of life endured and have forged lasting imprints amid historical challenges and the forces of modernization.

Lt. Governor Carson Sigrah presented awards for 7th and 8th graders in the English and Indigenous language while Isonahnken Iriarte awarded six float entries. Of the six floats that participated, there was a tie for first place between Utwe and Tafunsak.

As Kosrae State celebrated and remembered the ways of old and how they link the past with the future through the celebration of life, the annual state fair allowed spectators to increase awareness and experience Kosrae’s unique culture. 

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