Wednesday, June 4, 2014

President Mori in Yap for the 20th Chief Executives' Summit

meeting set up at the Yap Small Business Development Center, the 20th MCES venue
FSMIS, Yap (June 4, 2014): President Manny Mori arrived in Yap early this morning ahead of the opening of the 20th Micronesian Chief Executives' Summit, which will take place from June 5 to 6, 2014.

Yap State is hosting the 20th MCES following decisions made at the 19th Summit in Saipan.

The Summit agenda reflects a hoist of on-going regional issues and endeavors in areas of tourism, health care, telecommunications, energy and a few others.

Other important updates and action-related matters fall under the Micronesian Challenge, Regional Invasive Species initiative, and the Micronesian Center for a Sustainable Future.

With President Mori on his flight to Yap were Mr. Marion Henry, Secretary of Resources and Development, and Mr. Lorin Robert, Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

The United Airline flight to Yap last night had to return to Guam about twenty minutes into the flight due to some problem with the aircraft, resulting in extended delay. In spite of the situation, the FSM small delegation, as well as delegations from Pohnpei State and the Republic of Palau, is in Colonia as Yap readies to set the 20th MCES in history.

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