Friday, June 20, 2014

Bank of Guam Pohnpei Branch top officials pay courtesy call on President Mori

left to right: President Mori, Ms. Simmering, and Mr. Cruz
FSMIS (June 20, 2014): On June 18, Federated States of Micronesia President Manny Mori availed himself for a brief visit by two officials of the Bank of Guam, Pohnpei Branch.

Mr. Christopher  Cruz, BOG Pohnpei Branch manager, and Ms. Maria Simmering, who will replace Mr. Cruz in a few days time, called on President Mori as they proceeded with transitioning for the managerial role at the bank.

Mr. Cruz has been at the post for about two years and has been recalled back to Guam by the bank's headquarter.

Ms. Simmering has been the manager for the BOG Kosrae Branch and now shifted to a different location within the FSM.

President Mori expressed his appreciation to Mr. Cruz for his excellent service at the BOG Pohnpei Branch and wished him success as he moves on.

The President also welcomed the new manager and encouraged strong collaboration between the Bank and the FSM, especially in terms of private sector growth facilitation and consumer support in lending area.

Mr. Cruz thanked the President for his support to the Bank of Guam and spoke favorably on a number of initiatives pursued by the Mori Administration, especially the positioning of the Governments by putting in place the current 2023 Planning Committee mandate in preparation for the termination of Compact sector grants assistance from the United States in 2023.

In wrapping up the brief meeting, President Mori shared his view on how the FSM people would benefit from having one branch of the Bank of FSM situated in Guam.

While in Pohnpei, Mr. Cruz became an avid participant in the monthly fishing tournaments organized by the Pohnpei Fishing Club.

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