Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bank of FSM launched Visa Debit Card and ATM

Vice President Alik L. Alik giving remarks at the launching gathering outside
the Main Branch in Pohnpei.

On September 12, the Bank of the Federated States of Micronesia launched the newest edition to its operations: the Visa Debit Card and Automated Teller Machines.

At the front of its main branch building in Pohnpei, the bank held a launching ceremony and a hands-on demonstration on the use of the Visa Debit Card and the ATM to a number of interested consumers, community leaders, patrons and government officials, including FSM Vice President Alik who gave an address.

According to its officials, BFSM has installed ATM's at all branch locations within the FSM and has been ready to assist account holders who may wish to apply for the debid card.

The new operation edition was refered to by Mr. Ian Jamison, Visa Asia-Pacific Region representative at the function as a "large economical step" for FSM and a "significant step forward for the tourism industry in Micronesia".

Mr. Ian Jamison, Visa Asia-Pacific Region representative
Having Visa Debit Card at BFSM means allowing its clients access to millions of ATM's in the world and the ability to shop over the internet in a more controlled and assured way. Moreover, having ATM's in the FSM would be a welcoming convenience to card holders visiting or making plans to visting Micronesia for all sorts of purposes.

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